Sunday, 2 February 2014

How will my bigger life look?

Life is so much beyond what you and I live! Do you realize that!? I do! Time and again! What if I were not an Engineer? What if I never did an MBA? What would I be doing!? Wow this very question opens up a beautiful box full of ideas! May be I’d see some places I love all by myself! Maybe if I were not so protected by my parents, I would end up learning the world myself. I don’t say it’s all rosier out there, or they have curbed my freedom too much, but I sure would like to experience the world on my own! May be learn some guitar, dine with new friends, help people, click pictures of everything, sit by the side of a calm lake, listen to great music and write for as long as I could. This is a dream you know? That I would love to see happen! Ending up the best marketer in town or the best CEO, hmm I don’t know, would that give me a fair share of happiness!? May be not! I am a people’s person and simple living is my deal.

All my life I have tried so hard to find something I love doing, something that’d keep me occupied 24hrs at a stretch, I explore numerous options, but nah! Haven’t really hit that spot yet! Do I not like what I do? Or perhaps I am looking in the wrong direction all together!? May be it’s the latter! Life is all about happiness right!? Atleast for me! Happiness lies in making people around you happy! Again for me! I know people judge people all the time, but hey! Who am I to stop them? That’s what makes them happy right? So, maybe I should stop worrying what people think, I should learn to face embarrassments, learn to laugh at myself. Do u just see how easy life would be then!? Making peace with yourself is a bliss! Ain’t it? It might actually end up giving people a high! I know you might be saying to yourself, “This is too good to be true, it’s tougher done than said and blah blah” Well, I am not the advising department. I am just the self-talker who beliefs plain happiness is beyond any achievement! It is true that none of this I would end up doing myself full-time, but hey I know for sure, I’d do it once a while, make sure to make time for who I really am! After all you’re just one of a kind! Why not embrace it? 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The ShowBizz

                                      When i was a kid, i was threatened by my mother to be sent away from home if i did something mischievous. The idea behind this threatening process as i understand now, was apparently a way of persuading you into "not" doing the wrong things. But coating it up with a spoonful of selfishness somehow doesn't seem right. This is exactly how i picture the current fate of our "ex" or should i say "not-so-obedient" Railway Minister,Diesh Trivedi. To the world, he is portrayed as a villain who is trying to suck all our money.And to me he is  just another party member who perhaps  could not sweeten the pot for Ms. Mamatha Banerjee.

                                    Lets raise hands and vote for who probably thinks Mamatha Banerjee had absolutely no idea this was gonna happen! Is it even believable, that one fine day she woke up to witness one of the most important budget sessions to be presented by a member of her own party,  in an ultra casual way and was shocked to be deceived? Was it a script from a drama that could be altered to one's convenience? And then she pulls him(Dinesh Trivedi)down from authority only to replant another puppet from her box who could conveniently act like he was living with the aliens while the budget was being prepared totally unaware of the reality.

                                  Dear Ms. Mamatha Banerjee, for once there came a proposal to provide us Indians with lesser "on-the-train-diseases" and cleaner "u know what!!" and all you could do was ruin it !? "Give that old stuff a break and make railways a better place for us" is the collective cry of the Indians! Although, it's true that a steep hike could launch a heavy burden onto the poor man's shoulders all of a sudden! But then, pop comes the question..Why didn't you do it gradually when you always had a chance!? You do this act of ignorance to fill up your vote banks and then what? We are back getting into those never so healthy,never so comfortable trains that could bombard your nostrils for the sin of having no choice but to use those pathetic toilets!

                            The trains get delayed, they are seen colliding with one another due to poor safety systems installed and they even run into vehicles killing scores of people at the unmanned railway crossings! I assume there is no need to mention the robberies constantly haunting the railways! What is with the politicians' habit of not being able to accept a Change when they always promise to work for the common good before the elections!? Before a man could wake himself up and realize the truth, he is once again pushed into his gullible phase by this "false display of concern".

                     For one thing,i appreciate the poise and dignity portrayed by Mr.Dinesh Trivedi . He made a respectable exit without the cliched political fight back . In my opinion, he did what can be termed as "the need of the hour", albeit he had to face the regular resistance to good from the dramatic politicians. With so much happening around,our respectable Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh had his regular speech....ya your right ! the "pin drop silence" one.!

                                 So, it's time to answer some real questions Ms.Mamatha Banerjee!!..You say Dinesh Trivedi has done it all wrong ? So, were you expecting him to pay all the expenses from his own pocket?What is the whole point of presenting a never-to-change budget over and over throughout the years? If a change is what you were not expecting then how do you define improvement? In that case,when are you planning to shell out currency from your pockets? or should i say "When will you stop filling your pockets and let the money be used to do the rightful for the welfare of the railways???" Oh perhaps if you don't like being questioned, you might  replace me with somebody else to write this blog .!

        P.S: I am sorry dear railways, your make over has just been ruled out!                     

Monday, 12 March 2012


         It was the day  my father and i were leaving to Banglore,when we hired an auto rickshaw to the railway station. With massive luggage on board and an RAC seat awaiting us, we had started off on time to avoid our usual hurry-up scenario! We were driven in and out of the lanes as my mind  silently kept wandering through different possibilities of sharing one seat all night long. We apparently had no choice owing to the fact that it was the so called "perfect-time-for-all-the-weddings" and  ours certainly was a last minute plan. That's when surprises began to unravel. For starters, our auto began to slow down, some unknown issue the auto guy said. We were now travelling at half the previous speed but were still hoping to cope up.

           "Arey Arey", i heard the autowala say and we were now not in a moving state anymore! The auto had now come to a perfect still even before we had come half the way! The autowala had some serious theories about why the auto could have landed in this troubling situation all of a sudden which he tried explaining for a couple of minutes and then, called upon another auto rickshaw for us. He had his share of explaining done to the new guy and transferred our luggage doing us a favor. We had to pay him some negotiable amount for the short trip,following which we started off in our new auto. The new guy was old and fragile.He picked up a conversation with my father asking him how much we paid the previous guy and then began laughing out of  nowhere! Now obviously, both of us were surprised !

           Then the autowala enlightened us on how we were just tricked . I was shocked to hear that the previous auto had no problem at all. As a matter of fact, it was all part of the perfectly crafted drama where autowalas without valid license papers agree to take you to the destination of your choice, though far away and then start off their cocky drama finally ending up making you feel like they have actually done you a favor, getting you into a new auto in a situation where you might be forced to find one all by yourself . So,obviously they get paid for an auto which in case of the truth revealed scenario. we would never hire in the first place.
           We had nothing to say as we were totally taken aback by the fact that we, being local Hyderabadi people had just been tricked! Needless to imagine our plight if we were in a hurry and could not find another auto immediately! I was in a dilemma wondering if i should curse the autowalas for what the previous one had just done to us or appreciate them for how one of the same race on the flip side, had come up with the truth. Trust me! gone are the days when the autowalas taking you on a one kilometer ride for an actual distance of a few meters for better fares was the only trick played by them! Now is the time for renewed ones. So, watch out because you never know, you could just land up in this "reality show" some day!

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Unknown Enemy

 “This way might work…oh wait! Actually it’s the other way I guess…hmm how about that way or may be this way….” Oh! God this ‘X’ is a real terrorist! Day by day it gets smarter and tricks you big time!! Now I really need to know! Why X?  Why on earth are you so desperate? You want to be paired up with so many variables? U apparently jump in and out of a multitude of relationships drawing a whirlpool around you so I could never find you? If your incarnations were countable, you certainly would have made a better epic in the history! 

As a matter of fact, I wish I could leave you alone but unfortunately the teachers won’t let me! They rate my smartness assessing my mere ability to haunt you within a time limit THEY set. This makes the whole quest for you a real mess! Dragging my point from square one, I was never interested to find you in the first place! But I was pushed. And when I accept my fate and move ahead they shoot an hourglass at my face. In here, the sand isn’t slipping down, it’s flying down at a rate I could never catch up! Still, I try and try to find you with all my wits and you try and try to deceive me. In the mean time I am clouded with so many other thoughts…how happy my life would have been if you had never made your way in! How leisurely I could have appreciated the clock for its graciously movements! But in your presence, the clock is a pressure cooker on my head! The ticking sound triggers an adrenaline rush in me (seriously a bad one!). Perhaps, I get lucky a couple of times when you are found, albeit you leave behind your villainous note that reads “Brag as much you want to…I will come back! Bigger, Bitter “
     I say I want to get into an institution coz it offers me a course I have always dreamt of ;which would pass me over to my destiny, my passion…but then, all I am asked to do is find “X” first!?# Even when the so called “x” on skates has remotely nothing to do with it!
The moment I hear X, this dialogue keep rolling “X ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, na mumkin hai” .Duh! You’re no DON! So, let’s face it! What exactly are your plans for me? How long do you intend to be my source of mental trauma? When are you planning on being found? No wait! When will you stop running around!? Don’t you sweat? Don’t you understand the word “Enough”!? Make sure you do because I am tired! I am sick of your never-to-quit stingy attitude! For a change, I Quit! I would appreciate your stay behind the bars and repenting for your insane sins! May you rest in peace !!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


     It's so weird, that sometimes the things and places you loathe the most, are the one's you tend to miss the most....As cliche as it sounds, there's always a hidden truth in it! I had never (even remotely) dreamed of  landing up in a hostel lets say never ever...but perhaps that's how the well known "fate" works! you are either pushed to do something you have not anticipated or bestowed with something you always wished you never had!!! :P   So,putting the point straight there i was a hostel to pursue my graduation in a college that is a perfect carbon copy to a jail! (especially for G-I-R-L-S!!). No outings, no movies, no malls( oops...there was none around !),no parties, no ragging (oh yeah its an engineering college, if your already doubting it!), no birthday celebrations allowed( legally) and worst of all NO non-veg(my friends can actually tell how much i would pause at this juncture!).

                              For all those who are skeptical about the very existence of such a college let me assure you guys, there is world beyond your imagination! So, the story begins here...i had 4 years of torture to bear and gallons of "HEAT" to take( this place being the official STOVE of India!) hundreds of people to meet and hundred and odd mindsets to deal with (if you know what i mean :P) . I entered my room and was more than glad to meet a girl i could associate with (who later became my best buddy for life) . She was the stupidest person i love to be with at all times no matter what! (Don't go to U.S please...)We were the two people whom the whole world would never doubt would get seperated. (no matter how silly and serious our fights were)I met a girl who was from North India (officially my room mate) and later a friend whom i would always remember! She was different and to her you and I were different :P The masti, crazy acts and never ending chats in the room are the best memories!

                                          But that was not all...i later met a bunch of special people who were the biggest idiots just like me :P  The girl who came up to me first asking me to teach her a subject i knew no smell and taste of! She was someone i thought i would hate for a lifetime but she became the one i would not dare leave! Our Milk Shake "brum-brum" parties and never fulfilling "This-is-the-last-time" promises are just the best!Then there's the "girl-with-the-acid-bottle" ( she would kill me for this :P) who can just win anything and everything with just one "Smile" . It was like there's nothing in the world that could stop her from smiling! Then there was the "girl-with-the-perfect-figure" who always went by the rules! (lets just say sometimes ) One would never forget her "child-talk" ( something we had always made fun of :P) The "TTD-girl" was a perky little one with amazing hair and lots of stories...(the politics lover! and we share something in common too :P)

                                                      The "chary-girl" was the fun loving yet bound to ECE torture person who loveeeeeeeed to EAT and SING ! (she had the ability to put any melodious song to death :P) Then, there was the "girl-in-silence" who mostly kept to herself but when in action got us down to our knees :P (the day when the three of got caught and deliberately pulled in the spectator :P). We had the "short-cute-teacher" who made our life a lot easy during exams (atleast to an extent) .How could we imagine a world without  her? She was the sweetest person ever!

                               Then there was a guy, the only friend (in guys) i ever had...someone who always loved pulling my leg,albeit someone who was always a friend in need! He is one talented coder i should say! The "girl from the corner room" was a sweet and short friend who had loads of stories to tell. she was sharing and well mannered and not to forget a very sweet friend! Then comes the "fairest-girl-in-the-lot" the girl who could have you rolling on the floor with her jokes and satire. A good friend again!

                                   The "travel-mate-girl" , was a fun loving and awesomely confused(now i say awesome here) and extremely talkative girl in who's company you would just not notice all night pass away! Lots of people lots of memories...the girly talks(especially a night before the exams :P), the freakishly awesome "made-up-kitchen-food",  hangouts in the canteen and ditch, the craving for attendance, petty fights and lovely patch-ups , sneak outs to the punjabi dabha, the little temple and the funny professors, the birthday parties, the secret talk , playfulness and tonnes and tonnes of stupidity! four years meant a life time!!!!!!

P.S: This is the first post i did not attach pictures to, though i love colors because my friends have added up all the hues needed! cheers guys!!!!


Saturday, 24 December 2011


Have you been to a Bank( i mean the money spot) lately? What a MODUS VIVENDI!!!! Don't you think?
If u don't exactly know what a modus vivendi is, my article will serve as an apt explanation...........
A place with an unstoppable influx and exodus of people and money seems like the busiest place. However, the employees at our service don't quite seem the "people at our service". As flushed out as their good mood could get as time passes by, the very reflection of this phenomenon on us is never missed!

                                    The Manager is a silent cozy man/woman seated in his "disturb-me-as-little-as-possible" cabin at a corner trying to figure out head and tail of the junk on his table! The staff,the people with their own set of individual and variable moods are the ones who worry me at times. I cant quite say if it's the people (who deposit and withdraw the Vitamin M) or the environment around them, but work seems their worst nightmare!! (atleast in most of the banks i have been to ) There's a grumpy person who has an issue with everything. On the flip side,there's also a sober person to whom all customers are apparently routed as he is the one in the good mood for the day or rather to say for the hour :p

                               How could someone not mention the oomph of the place....the attender(or peon) ,his name being the MANTRA of the place, people keep chanting his name over and over to get things done be it big or small ! Like it is said " The person with the lowest post is the person of utmost importance! " As agile as the man is , moves around chair to chair meeting the needs of the staff by fetching files or papers or stamps or "stress relieving  tea" or even sometimes a smile. He is more or less as i perceive, the "mood enhancing " perky  man of the place!
Right in a corner seated behind a "prison looking petit cabin" is the cashier with all the cash! To meet him you imperatively need a token that looks like currency from the past...the ones owned by the kings in the good old days! and lots of patience. He is perhaps the only person who keeps mum most of the time. During their leisure, the staff has issues from all around the globe to talk about ...sometimes u might also land up being the one who with or without interest gets to be part of it when the guy at your service finds it more important than u. Patience is something that always comes in handy while at a bank. So, have you updated your patience levels recently?????

Friday, 23 December 2011


This is my first ever COMIC STRIP on the rising reservations fever!!!
!!!!HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!! :)